Terms of Use.

Nevroc.com is an online library that offers different sorts of content, such as PBR materials, imperfections and brushes (the “Content”).

1.Use of content

You are allowed to:
- use the assets across all media, like 2D and 3D computer graphics and games, website design, TV shows, movies, advertisements, printed media, and social media;
- use the assets in all personal, educational, and commercial work;
- adjust the assets to suit your personal needs.
You are not allowed to:
- resell or redistribute any of the Nevroc's assets modified or not;
- use the assets as a trademark or service mark;
- use the assets to create competing products or services;
- use any kind of software that allows you to automatically download all assets from Nevroc's library.

Nevroc uses gumroad.com to host its Content. To be able to download any Content you need to purchase it via gumroad.com.

2. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights to all Content belong to Nevroc or its licensors. The Content you will purchase will be only licensed to you, but you will not become the owner of the Content.

You are not allowed to share or license downloaded Content to other people or companies.

3. Changes of the terms and conditions

Nevroc may change these terms and conditions at any time as well as any prices for its Content. For a single purchase option, the changes of these terms apply directly. For the subscription users, the changes in terms will take effect after the following subscription renewal.
Nevroc may announce upcoming changes in advance on the website.

4. Purchase and payments

We offer subscription plans and a single purchase option for our Content that is set in USD and it is set for single-seat licenses for all types of users. Prices may be different due to the type and resolution of the Content.

Nevroc uses gumroad.com to host its Content as well as to process all of the single purchase payments. Subscription plans are hosted by patreon.com.